Public House

So, one of the key stones of the Conservative Party’s vision for Britain (whatever you may think of that) is the right for council house tenants and tenants of social housing to buy the house they live in. On the face of it this is a good policy giving the poorer members of society a chance to own there own home and climb up that first rung of the property ladder.

What the policy doesn’t address however is the chronic lack of social housing in the UK. In parts of the Great Britain, for a one bedroom flat, there is a 16 year waiting list.

So basically what this policy is doing is shrinking the already over stretched number of social houses in Britain. But this policy does not make adequate provisions for the building of new social housing. Therefore what Britain will soon be facing is a social housing crisis. With more and more people taking more and more houses into private ownership those waiting lists will be getting longer and longer. Now the government is not doing nothing. In order to free up social housing with less fuss the government is doing away with long term assured tenancies. Thus leaving the most vulnerable with no assurance of a place to live.

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