Comin’ Over Here

Comin’ over here stealing our jobs, all claiming benefits for their 15 kids in Bongo Bongo Land, speaking foreign gibberish…This seemed to be the battle cry over Middle England during the general election, oh how much has changed over the past four months.

All it takes is a photo of a dead child and suddenly the gates are open. With hundreds of thousands calling on the government to allow thousands more refugees into the country.

Now perhaps you are saying to yourself but surely before the election the debate was about immigration? Which is true. Immigrants come to Britain to work and settle, they are entitled to work, they pay taxes and create jobs all whilst adding diversity to the cultural miasma that is Great Britain. Refugees don’t. They don’t come to Britain to work, they have no right to work, can’t pay taxes and are an active drain on the exchequer and whilst they do still add diversity to our nation, they’ve come to Britain because they literally have nowhere else to go. Their homes have been bombed, their towns levelled and their lives thrown into turmoil, all to subjugate the wills of genocidal mad men and violent fundamentalists.

Now I’ve always been pro immigration, the benefits are astounding, new fashions, new cuisines, new music, new entertainment and  new cultures, not to mention new taxpayers. But in light of recent revelations about this humanitarian crisis it is this writers opinion that more should be done in support of refugees, the United Kingdom has a moral obligation to help those in need, as the sixth wealthiest country in the world we should be both splashing the cash to help out but also looking at the root causes of this issue. Many may ask what right Britain as a nation has to interfere in the disputes and politics of other nations, but when so many are asking for help and asking for asylum, what right does Britain have to bury its head in the sand.

So to all asylum seekers who are comin’ over ‘ere…get em in.

Following Labours Lead.

Jeremy Corbyn Elected Labour Leader 12/09/15
Jeremy Corbyn Elected Labour Leader 12/09/15

You’d think they would give the poor sod the weekend to celebrate before branding him a threat to national security. So in case you missed it, the Labour Party, in a true blow to democracy have elected their most popular leadership candidate Mr Jeremy Corbyn to the position of party leader and leader of Her Majesties Loyal Opposition in the House of Commons. So naturally those that didn’t vote for Mr Corbyn or had no say in who was elected as leader of the Labour Party have now lost their collective shit, The more tame heralding the action as everything from a massive mistake and as a time machine back to the 1980’s whilst others seem to have branded Mr corbyn’s ascension to leadership as the biggest threat to national security since Al Qaeda recruited someone with a valid pilots license.

Conservative Member of Parliament for Eddisbury Antionette Sandbach has said via twitter “Our [Britain’s] economic and defence security [are] at risk with election of maverick Corbyn as Labour Leader.”

So just how is Britain’s economic and defence security being put at risk by Mr Corbyn? Easy. It isn’t. The leader of the opposition’s only real influence on government policy is that the government will undoubtedly do the opposite of whatever is in Mr Corbyn’s leadership manifesto.

So what is so terrible about Jeremy Corbyn I hear you ask, now aside from being a teetotaller, Mr Corbyn seems more inclined towards social justice than profiteering, offering visions of defence cuts to pay for the NHS. Mr Corbyn also seems to be of the mindset that essential services are there to be of service rather than be profitable, as well as this Jeremy has shown a Major interest in the rights of women and the young and is a firm believer in the trade union movement. Shock Horror, a socialist with actual socialist values at the head of a political party with its roots in the socialist workers movement.

Tell you what though Jez, The Man Down The Local raises a glass to you and says good luck to you mate, you’ll need it.