Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Just a quick one today about Sunday trading and how these restrictions are the tool of Satan and should be repealed at once lest those in favour be burnt alive at the stake for crimes against humanity.

As you can guess I’m not a fan. You would think that at 5 o’clock on a Sunday evening, in 2015, that I would be able to walk to my nearest supermarket (approximately 70 yards) and get a loaf of bread (cake). Unfortunately Morrison’s was closed…so were ASDA’s, Sainsbury’s Lidl’s and Aldi (all of which are within a 5 minute walk from my house). Why is this?

closed sign

Now I understand the origins of Sunday trading hours stem from the UK’s Christian past, where you would be doomed to hell for all eternity for doing anything other than attending church on a Sunday. However 21st century Britain is by and large a secular society, and whilst religion is still a major part of many people’s lives it doesn’t hold the sway on everyday life that it once did (in spite of what the Daily Mail proclaims about Sharia Law corrupting the moral fabric of Britain). So I ask why, in a post Christian nation,  can I not buy a tin of beans in a supermarket at 4:05 PM on a Sunday?

I understand that for many businesses it may not be profitable to stay open on a Sunday and I even respect that sort of prudent business acumen, but surely a supermarket would see more business on a Sunday evening than at 3:30 on a Tuesday morning?

So would the government consider repealing this statute? At the moment it would be difficult to tell, as it would work well with the governments message of businesses taking care of their own affairs and the hand of government loosening its grip around how businesses operate, as state and private industry drift further away from each other, but on the other hand it does fly in the face of the conservative party narrative of old fashioned values, so it will probably be one of those things that people will just have to put up with for another couple of decades and either stock up on their bread and milk (cake and wine) on a Saturday or go without until Monday.

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