Proper Preparation and Planning…

Proper Preparation and Planning Prevent Piss Poor Performance. This sounds good in theory however when it comes to planning its sometimes better to say, balls to it, do what you want then accept the consequences when it’s done. This seems to be a lot of people’s attitude towards planning permission, the attitude of its easier to say sorry afterwards than ask permission before hand.  What I’m talking about is the granting of retroactive planning permission.

If you build without planning permission you are breaking the law. Fact. However 79% of all breaches of planning law are either ignored or given retroactive planning permission.  So councils have two choices, either force the building to be torn down or grant planning permission retroactively.

I don’t want to see anyone put out of their homes by a trivial bit of law, but the fact remains that the law is the law, and those that break it should not get off lightly. Now in this time of council cut backs this seems to be the perfect opportunity for local councils to refill their vastly depleting coffers.

For every breach of planning law the guilty party should be issued with a fine for breaking the law, a provision which is catered for under the local government act, then, rather than tear down their property the guilty party would have to pay an application fee for planning permission and a premium for a fast tracked decision, and should also face fines for any other breaches of law that they may have committed (tree protection orders etc).

The knock on effect this would have would be more revenue coming into local government hands. But it would also be an easy way for building projects to progress, as large developers may decide just to take the financial hit, but at the same time it may prove enough of a deterrent so that people start obeying the law…could go either way, but it’s a debate worth having.

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