Stop (Talkin’ Bout) My Generation (Like You Know What You’re Talking About)

I give you fair warning that this post is me in full on rant mode, now having been warned I will begin.

Today I saw a post on Facebook suggesting that people in their twenties should be respectful and thankful to the generation above, as that generation has given us so much. As you may have guessed this piece of condescending bull angered me massively. Why? There are a few reasons, firstly I have always felt that respect should be earned and those that have to demand respect seldom deserve it. Secondly though, upon reflection most things that the previous generations have left behind have been bad. Its a legacy of warfare, of pollution and crippling national debt.

Since I was born Britain has been involved in no less than 10 wars (not counting the cold war or Northern Ireland). Its dependence on fossil fuels has increased 10 fold and the effects of global warming are at an all time high. Every day I am reminded of species of animals on the verge of extinction through the destruction of their habitats’ or by hunters looking to cash in. Are my generation to blame for this or was this all presided over by our parents generation? That age group that persists in belittling my generations accomplishments whilst demanding respect for the mess that they’ve made of the world? Well I’m sick of it. All I have to say is that if my elders want respect they should bloody well earn it.

The Politics of Star Wars

star wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….those are the words that started the entrapment of a million imaginations. In 1977 George Lucas introduced us to a universe of wonders on a scale never before seen on the big screen. In this universe of wonder and excitement a complex back story of history and interwoven character arcs has led to the development of a whole mythos of Grecian proportions.

As this is first and foremost a political blog today I’m going to take a look at the political system that governs that galaxy far far away.

During the Old Republic the galaxy was governed by a United Nations like body called the Senate comprised of delegations from all member planets of the Galactic Republic and forms a nominal constitutional democracy with an elected chancellor as its head. Senators received one vote in all matters both procedural and substantive. The Chancellor was elected from within the Senate for a set term, with the Senate able to give the Chancellor emergency powers as well as remove him or her from office when necessary. The last elected chancellor was the former senator of Naboo senator Palpatine following the crisis that ensued by the Trade Federations illegal blockade and occupation of Naboo.

star wars senate

Traditionally, the Chancellor could only serve a limited amount of time; however, Palpatine stayed in office much longer, due to the prolonged Separatist Crisis as well as the threat posed by the “Jedi Rebellion.” The crisis occurred when several of the Republic’s member Star Systems and organizations united in order to separate from the Republic. Thanks to representative Jar Jar Binks of Naboo (yes that Jar Jar Binks) the senate granted Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers which led to the creation of a clone army, the Death Star and managed to cement Palpatine as first Emperor of the Galactic Empire.


emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine

With the help of his ally Grand Moff Tarkin and Padawan Darth Vader the newly crowned Emperor Palpatine dissolved the senate to the all but powerless advisory “Imperial Senate” before disbanding it completely, through the use of militaristic policies The Emperor crushed the separatist movement and the majority of the Jedi uprising.  Palpatine ruled with absolute authority until the battle of Yavin when the First Death Star was destroyed and the Rebel Alliance began recruiting in massive numbers until eventually when the second Death Star was destroyed following the battle of Endor leading to the restoration of democracy and the death of the Emperor.


I hope this fills you in on the political landscape of the galaxy far far away.


Blowing Your Own Trump(et)

Having taken a little break from blogging due to my health (I’ll live), I’m back with some new rambling self indulgence. In the past I’ve tried to keep this blog free from taking sides in elections or when it comes to party politics, but given the crap that comes out of his mouth, I can’t not talk about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

Its like something out of a satirical work of fiction where a massively racist right-wing, real estate mogul, reality TV star is now the front runner for the Republican nomination for president of The United States of America. This man, who has been declared bankrupt four times, could possibly be the next person in charge of the second largest economy in the world. During the course of his campaign Mr Trump has managed to offend Muslims, Mexicans and even major players within the Republican Party.

One of the Apprentice (US) hosts policies is a ban on Muslims entering the the United States and some form of identification for all Muslim Americans (I would suggest a six pointed star, but I think someone may have already used it). Basically Trump is saying that all members of the Muslim community are terrorists, which is absolutely ridiculous, by Mr Trumps own logic, all white Christian Americans are members of the Ku Klux Klan and that all Irish People are part of the IRA.

Now leaving aside the obvious parallels between the 2016 US Elections and the German elections of 1932 (and another prolific racist with a comb over), fellow members of the Republican Party have been condemning Trump left, right and centre, but trumps policies aren’t just old hand me downs from 80 years ago, they’re genuine antiques from the 2,200 year old Ming dynasty. Yes that’s right one of would be president Donald Trump’s policies is the building of a giant wall spanning the length of America’s southern most border. And why? Because according to trump most Mexican’s are all drug smuggling rapists.

The worst part of this is that people seem to be responding to this, as Trump is now the favourite to win the Republican Nomination (with a projected win of 8%), I have to ask is this the beginning of some Orwellian nightmare or the climax of some form of practical joke? or to quote R.E.M is this the end of the world as we know it? And could the world be facing the Premiership of President Trump?

I have to ask how this has happened? You may think that Mr Trump has a right to say whatever he wants because of freedom of speech (which unfortunately in the US he does, as enshrined in the US Constitution) however if he were standing in the UK I do feel that he would be facing charges for inciting racial hatred under section Section 29 (A) of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act (2006).

So here’s hoping that the democrats do well.