Stop (Talkin’ Bout) My Generation (Like You Know What You’re Talking About)

I give you fair warning that this post is me in full on rant mode, now having been warned I will begin.

Today I saw a post on Facebook suggesting that people in their twenties should be respectful and thankful to the generation above, as that generation has given us so much. As you may have guessed this piece of condescending bull angered me massively. Why? There are a few reasons, firstly I have always felt that respect should be earned and those that have to demand respect seldom deserve it. Secondly though, upon reflection most things that the previous generations have left behind have been bad. Its a legacy of warfare, of pollution and crippling national debt.

Since I was born Britain has been involved in no less than 10 wars (not counting the cold war or Northern Ireland). Its dependence on fossil fuels has increased 10 fold and the effects of global warming are at an all time high. Every day I am reminded of species of animals on the verge of extinction through the destruction of their habitats’ or by hunters looking to cash in. Are my generation to blame for this or was this all presided over by our parents generation? That age group that persists in belittling my generations accomplishments whilst demanding respect for the mess that they’ve made of the world? Well I’m sick of it. All I have to say is that if my elders want respect they should bloody well earn it.

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