No Smoke Without a Fire (Guantanamera Cristales Review)

It was recently my birthday, so I decided to treat myself, I decided to buy a tailored suit, (a delightful double breasted, three piece, pinstriped number in navy blue), and to treat myself to the usual dozen pints in the local inns, taverns and hostelries of Newport and it’s environs. All that was missing was the all important final touch. The Cigar.

Over the last few months times have been tough so I didn’t really feel inclined to splash a fortune on something that was literally going to go up in smoke. So on a trip to Cardiff I decided to stop by the tobacconists in the Wyndham Arcade, where I picked up 3 Guantanamera Cristales Cigars for the not unreasonable sum of £22.50.

The cigars themselves come in individual plastic tubes, are pre cut for convenience and measure at 5 7/8 inches (approx 15cm) and are about as wide across as a penny. They are quite a light and easy smoke, which is something I’ve come to expect from less expensive cigars. The flavours are uncomplicated and little rough at first which definatly marks this as something for the novice smoker. Overall it took me about 45 minuets to smoke but this was whilst drinking and engaged in conversation, however that being said, I didn’t actually have to relight the cigar, which was surprising, and luckily I managed to finish my cigar and my pint simultaneously (I later found that these cigars also pair nicely with rioja).

This is definitely one of the better budget Cuban cigars, due to its size you really do feel like your smoking a cigar, not just some fag with delusions of grandeur, the taste whilst far from the best is certainly miles from the most disgusting thing I’ve put in my mouth. I will most likely buy them again and as they aren’t all that expensive I think I may keep a few tucked away in the house for when the mood strikes or for when I have company.

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