Prog #2000 (A 2000 AD Review)

I can’t really say that I’ve read all that much from 2000 AD beyond a smattering of Judge Dredd that I got at a car boot sale and one or two volumes of the complete case files, that and the Batman/ Judge Dredd crossovers (Die Laughing being my favourite) . So when picking up Prog (definitely not issue) 2000 I wasn’t sure what to expect.

First thing I noticed was that this Prog (that’ll take some getting used to) was very geared towards new readers, which I liked, it highlighted some of the best talent from comics, I was amazed by not only how many I had heard of, but how many I already had on my book shelf, then I remembered 2000 AD is the well from which American companies like Marvel and DC draw their talent as if they were water.

2000 AD Prog 2000.jpg
2000 AD Prog 2000, Judge Dredd Cover

Secondly the art was well worth mentioning, drawing on (pun a little intended) many talents, both established and otherwise, giving some wonderfully painted sequences with some in a lovely grey-scale,  with others in plain monochrome.

I definitely feel that I will  be dipping in to the worlds of 2000 AD more and more over the coming months, with plenty of Judges Dredd and Anderson, as well as some Strontium Dog, The ABC Warriors and Slaine already added to my Amazon Wish list.

Also did I mention the free poster, that bad boy is getting framed.


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