The Final Frontier (My Voyage Aboard The Star Ship Enterprise)

My geek credibility has been called into question because I have never watched Star Trek. So I set out to remedy this.

Initially I was going to start with the original series but decided to start with the prequel series Star Trek Enterprise. It was ok, the prog rock intro got a little bit tiresome fairly quickly, but what I liked about it, especially as someone new to the whole star trek universe, was that as the cast were introduced to mainstays of the star trek universe so to was I. Without getting to bogged down in the specifics of the plot and character arcs I will say that the series progressed both quickly and, if you’ll pardon the term, logically. That being said I was a little put out by the ending of the series, but who is ever happy when a show comes to an end.

Now after I was done with Star Trek Enterprise, I moved swiftly on to Star Trek the Original Series. There is a lot that can be said of The Original Series, the cheesy sets, the theremin music, William Shatner’s complete overacting, Lenard Nimoy’s complete lack of acting, and just how dry and cutting Mr Spock can be without even trying. Having never seen it before I was thinking that it hit every sci-fi cliche in the book, but then I realised this is where the cliche’s came from, this is the original, the real McCoy, and it made me love it all the more.

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