(The Art of War) In The Fight Against Depression

Today is World Mental Health Day and its an issue that’s close to my heart.

It’s not something that many people know about me but I have been fighting a long suffering battle with depression, and it is something that has a horrible impact on my life. But it’s something that I will never let beat me. Depression can be crippling and I don’t kid myself, because I know it’s something that I’m likely to be fighting against for the rest of my life. Like any enemy there are a few techniques that I’ve learnt that are somewhat effectiv in the fight for my mental health.

  1. Medication: This is NOT a cheat. Depression is a disease and the sooner you accept that your ill the quicker you can do something about treating it. If you had a headache you would take a painkiller. Without going into a discourse on biochemistry, depression is simply a chemical imbalance, getting treatment is smart, and more importantly its what you deserve.
  2. Keep  busy, see friends, set tasks around the house, write to do lists and work through them, keeping your mind off your depression is one the keys to keeping it from taking over your life.
  3. TALK TO SOMEONE: this is the most important thing that a lot of people wont do, depression makes you want to curl up into a ball and shut out the rest of the world, but this is possibly the most unhealthy thing you can do. Engage with someone friends, relatives, complete strangers in the pub anyone.

I hope my coping mechanisms help you, but if you do feel depression creeping over you like some vampire like shroud, please feel free to get in touch to shoot the shit.o


One thought on “(The Art of War) In The Fight Against Depression

  1. I wrote blog today expressing my depression. I know I’m not alone perse but I have one friend an hour away. I liked your post, it did prompt me to at least try to write some things down I’d like to accomplish around the house. I am not yet able to work, so I have little to help me.


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