An Iron Constitution.

One of my main interests is constitutional law. To most people its a pretty dry and boring subject and I could see why they would think that.

I like looking at the hypothetical questions that are posed and trying to figure out what would happen, this is why when the Scottish independence referendum was taking place my mind was racing with questions like: if Scotland were to vote independence, would the field MP’s in the 2015 elections.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been rereading some Christopher Buckley books, namely No Way To Treat A First Lady and Supreme Courtship, these books are fictional satire but raise some interesting questions about the way the American political and legal systems work (or don’t). Such as is if the President’s wife clocks him for sleeping about is it treason? or whether or not a Judge Judyesque TV judge has the relevant legal credentials to sit on the Supreme Court.

I like the absurdity of all, but the fact that it’s not beyond the realms of possibility is what makes it so enjoyable and also so scary. I often feel that the current presidential elections could in fact be a plot in one of Mr Buckley’s novel’s, a massively racist, misogynistic right wing, real estate selling, borderline sex offender running against a former first lady to a philandering former president…. what part of that doesn’t sound like satire .

One of the legal questions I have to ask though is can a presidential candidate take office if he’s currently under investigation for tax evasion, rape and various other felonies? Or can impeachment proceedings begin before an inauguration? It almost makes the British political system look tame by comparison and this is the system that has 22 anti EU UK Independence Party Members of the European Parliament.

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