Daddy, Daughter, Dumb Dog, Duvet Day

The last few days I’ve been on my deathbed with man flu and it seems I’ve given the dreaded disease to my beloved daughter. It’s the first time shes been ill in her life, so I had no idea how clingy she would be today. That said I’ve spent the majority of the afternoon lying on the sofa with my daughter sprawled on top of me all whilst the poor thing was running a temperature.

This has forced me to spend a good portion of the day watching really bad children’s television streamed via youtube. I never liked Rosie and Jim as a child, and by god I hate it as an adult. After several hours of this I had had enough of those stupid voices and freakish rag doll features that haunted my childhood. So after I put my foot down and said no to any more Rosie and Jim I headed off the growing tantrum by putting on stupid cat videos, we must have spent a good two hours watching videos of cats fighting dogs and falling into various bodies of water.

I can’t really say that it’s something that I’ve ever really spent much time doing, watching animals act in ways that may be slightly unusual, but hey it made my little girl laugh, so what more could I ask for, although it did wear me down slightly when every thirty seconds my daughter would say “cat on there” or just exclaim “CAT!” I suppose that’s just the price of fatherhood.


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