Sat About Saturday

Today has been a bit of a write off in terms of actual accomplishment, I’ve managed to do a little bit of tidying (although tidying the house with a toddler is like shovelling snow while its still snowing) and I also managed to do the dishes and cook an alrightish chicken curry. The rest of the day has been given over to reading comic books and catching up on the latest episodes of Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. All this whilst managing to avoid doing my washing and even better managing to not do my ironing for a third consecutive week (that stuff just piles up).

One of the high points of my weekend is that I finally started to read volume one of Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files. I discovered possibly the best villain ever (Call Me Kenneth) and have been enjoying the varied art work, (a review to follow after I’ve finished the thing).

However the down side of the weekend is that I taught my darling daughter, Marianna, a new word, “peacock”, it doesn’t really sound like peacock though and in fact sounds more like she’s saying “big cock”. Luckily she hasn’t said it in public yet, but it does highlight how her vocabulary is coming along nicely especially as she isn’t even two yet. She already knows where she lives (Cwmbran) and knows that her mothers job is mayor (she hasn’t quite mastered the word deputy) and perhaps most importantly, she can say comic book. Now if only I could get her not to shout “Daddy get up” at 8 am on a Saturday.

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