Five Things Quiz

As I’m a little bored here’s one of those about me quizzes, this was pilfered from Jessica over at Babi A Fi.

Five Things You’ll Always Find In My Bag 

  • Receipts, they go in my bag and never come out.
  • Pens, I  have a habit of of hoarding them, and also attend event just to stock up on free pens, business expos and community open days are a god send for replenishing stationary, it also helps that Barclays (whom I bank with) give away free pens.
  • Lighters, a gentleman should always carry a lighter, just in case.
  • Handkerchiefs, they’re more elegant than tissues.
  • Various note pads, what can I say I’m a voracious writer.

Five Things In My Bedroom

  • A bed, obviously.
  • An overflowing clothes hamper, As you may have guessed, I try to avoid house work like it was a plague ridden bad smell.
  • A poorly organised chest of drawers, why keep sock in the sock drawer, especially when you have a perfectly good pants drawer. 
  • Over 50 ties, I own a lot of ties 
  • Over a dozen suits, I live and die in suits, I weep for today’s casual youth.

Five Things That Make Me Very Happy

  • Beer…Beer makes me very happy, or it could just be that it makes me drunk, either way I like beer.
  • Comic books,  whether modern Marvel’s or vintage thrill power from 2000ad or Eagle, there is nothing better than losing oneself in a good four colour adventure for an afternoon.
  • My Daughter, Marianna, no matter how low I feel, that little bundle of bodily fluids, bad smells and ginger hair can put a smile on my face. Whether talking about the previously mentioned peacock or pretending to be on the phone to a cartoon mouse from the 1960’s she can always make me laugh.
  • Satire, life is a joke, this is why I like anything that makes fun of the things that are meant to be serious, especially when establishment provides such wonderful fodder, these days it seems that satirists are becoming redundant as the politicians are enough of a joke themselves.
  • Coca Cola. I can’t get through a day without appeasing my coke addiction.

Five Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do In Life 

  • Skydive, I’ve always wanted to jump out of a plane, preferably with a Union Flag (only a Union Jack at sea) parachute.
  • Down an entire bottle of Dom Perignon in one sitting. Something about downing a £100 + bottle of champers in one go is something I’ve always wanted to do.
  • Visit South America. Many years ago I was planning to visit South America, but I never got around to it, but I still want to see Machu Picchu and Copacabana Beach, and I will one day.
  • Write a bestselling novel. Probably not going to happen as I have nowhere near the concentration or talent, but I’d like to make it happen.
  • Drive an Aston Martin DB5. Men in the audience will know what I mean.

Five Things On My To-Do List 

  • Finish Volume 1 of The Judge Dredd Case files. Also write the review of it.
  • Finish my mega blog post on [Redacted Spoilers]. It’ll be a big one, one day next week.
  • Paint my landing and stairwell. 
  • Update Marianna’s baby book, it’s been a while since I did anything with it.
  • My Ironing, I’ve been avoiding it for over three weeks.

Five Things I’m Currently Into 

  • Comics, I go through phases with my hobbies, I first got into comics during my teens and have read them on and off for about a decade and a half.
  • Satire, With the American elections going on and whatever the hell you can say about the mess that is Westminster, and my own political efforts I absolutely love watching and reading anything that highlights what a mess the whole thing is.
  • Food, But what else is new.
  • Constitutional Law, It’s always been an interest of mine and probably always will be, but in the wake of Brexit my interest has definitely been reawakened.
  • Blogging.  As you my loyal readers may have noticed I have been trying to blog  a bit more, and I am enjoying the fact that at least 7 people have cared enough to read my musings on the origins of Spider-man.

Five Things People May Not Know About Me

  • I suffer from dyspraxia, I struggle with many “simple things” like riding a bike, tying shoelaces and I can’t even hold a pen correctly, but I struggle through, it may take me a little longer to do my shoelaces and my writing may be shite, but… I’m now struggling to see an upside.
  • My shoe size is a 10.
  • I have terrible luck in picking belts, I have never bought a belt that has lasted me more than 3 months.
  • Even though my handwriting is awful, I prefer to write rather than type.
  • My plan to for retirement is a peerage and a cushy job in the House of Lords

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