Form Vs Function

Today I had one of “those” moments. One of those moments where I sacrificed functionality for the look of the thing.

Let me rewind a little bit. In July, as a birthday present to myself, I purchased a completely bespoke tailored suit, then over the months that followed I proceeded to eat and drink all sorts of crap and have put on a fair bit of weight. Over the last month however I have started taking better care of my self, I’ve been eating better, drinking less beer and have even cut back on my Achilles heel, coca cola.

So cut  back to today and I’m getting ready for a meeting this afternoon, I put on my beautiful three piece, double breasted, pinstripe suit, did up my silk tie, looked in the mirror and realised my outfit was on point, and I looked good.

However I went to put my wallet in my jacket pocket and it spoiled the  whole flow of the outfit, so I did the only sane thing and ditched my wallet and sacrificed any function my outfit had…. But damn it I looked good.



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