Smell You Later, A Bluffers Guide To Picking A Cologne

Even in the animal kingdom a man is marked by his scent, the last few weeks of meet and greets and various other social necessities have exposed me to a lot of bad aftershaves and some really questionable cologne. I mean seriously its like a nasal assault going on. I mean I’m sure its a matter of taste but whatever happened to the less is more school of thought.

That being said I’m not offering criticism without it being constructive, so with that in mind here are some alternatives that aren’t the nasal equivalent of napalm and all come with my own stamp of approval.

Budget Range


For my everyday range of aftershave I go with something of a classic, I use the original old spice, just a little slap on the face in the morning and your good to go. I’ts a more musky scent and makes me feel a bit manly, its got a sort of burnt wood, barbecue scent to it which in large quantities can be overpowering, so use sparingly.  At £8 a bottle it does go a long way.

Mid Range


When I wan’t to be a little bit fancier, if its a big meeting or a social function I’ll go with Calvin Klein’s  CK One, just a few spritzes of this you’ll knock them dead, whether in the boardroom or the tap room. This rings in at about £25 per bottle so you could use it as an everyday thing, but I feel it would tire out a bit quickly as an everyday scent, but as a change up it works quite well.

Pricier Range 


When I really want to pull out all the stops, when I’ve got a hot date or when I want to wow civic leaders and business moguls (I occasionally meet some, honest)  I go whole hog with a bit of Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue. At £58 per bottle you can bet your backside that I use this with some degree of austerity.

I hope this helps you out gentlemen, and ladies bear this in mind, especially with Christmas around the corner.

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