Who Would Win In A Fight? A Dragon Or A Giant Squid?

The dragon circled about lazily above the sapphire blue ocean beating its wings in a slow but steady motion keeping it aloft above the waters of the Pacific. Dragons know no concept of boredom, knowing only hunger and rage, but this particular dragon was at best restless and desirous of some carnage to whet his appetite.

The squid was not in its natural environment, the squid was too high up, too close to the surface, but hunting had been slim, and a shoal of silver finned fish had taunted her from the oceanic depths, enticing her with their scent, but had scattered and separated leaving her with no prey, growing hunger and unfathomable annoyance.

The dragon glanced down at the crisp, clear water and at first noticed nothing, then casting a second glance became aware of a great black shape beneath the ocean waves. Just a black shadow maybe thirty feet long and moving fast. Sensing a chance for some sport the dragon moved closer, changing his course and flapping his wings furiously the dragon came about and hovered momentarily above the serene waves of the sea peering in to the murky depths of those vast waters. The shape had stopped moving, both black blur and dragon were stationary, with the dragon floating mere feet from the surface.

The squid was aware it was being watched, it could feel the heat of the sun above, even underwater the suns presence could be felt this close to the surface, but what was even more noticeable was its absence. She could feel the shadow above watching, waiting, judging and in that moment she knew, knew that it was time to strike or time to run. She lashed out with two tentacles, wildly thrashing about above the surface for something to latch on to. At first the tentacles found no purchase on the dragons scaled hide, but the barbed sucker rings of her tentacles finally caught home and with heave of herculean might she pulled the dragon under, into the ocean, into her domain.

The Dragon had been taken unaware, it thrashed and clawed at the giant squid, but to no avail, no matter what the dragon did the creature was pulling it down to a watery death, its talons were making every effort and were tearing chunks of squid flesh from the beast, but its tentacles were still latched firm between its scales.

The dragon knew that it was now or never, it exhaled its last breath. Above water the flame from such a deep breath would have melted stone, but here in Posiedons realm it had a different effect. The squid could feel the water heating around her, could feel every molecule of her being heating beyond reckoning to the point where her whole body felt as though it would wash away with the tide, she had to let go, had to get away, but she was still attached to the great winged monstrosity, the dragon sensing this flapped its wings and rose severing the squids tentacles at the root. Breaking through the surface of ocean the dragon flew upwards, spread its wings and roared, with wings spread wide enough to eclipse the sun the dragon looked down to where the squid was writhing in its own agony, and left without glancing backwards.


NB: This post is the result of a conversation I actually had with Jessica Powell, Find her madness over at babiafi.co.uk 

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