Toddlers Fashion (Dads Can Do It Too)

As a dad who is the primary care giver for a little girl I face many challenges. Withering looks from mothers, condescending remarks from health visitors and stunned disbelief from many members of the older generation, who find that yes a man, not a woman, spends the majority of his time caring for a child, and doing a pretty damn good job of it too I may add. But the biggest thing I’ve found is that people don’t seem to believe that I, a man, could pick out a fashionable and functional outfit for a young lady, in spite of being something of a dandy myself. I can stand there with a tailored suit, silk tie, matching pocket square, polished shoes, the full outfit looking on point, and yet I still make eyes roll when I say that I picked my daughters outfit.

So here are just a small selection of the chic outfits that I have managed to sling together for my little monster.


This outfit was something I put together for Marianna to visit her Grandmother for Sunday lunch, it was simply a small cardigan over a pleated floral dress, going with a pair of frilly socks and her everyday boots (knock off Dr Martens). Whilst not overly warm it did serve as she could move about easily, and didn’t get too hot while she was chasing after her Nan’s dog.


This dress was picked out for another trip to Nanny’s and is a lot warmer, being both lined and made from velvet, the little lace collar gives it a nice touch and I think it worked well for use with the Japanese schoolgirl style bow tie.


This outfit was one of my favourites. Its a simple white dress with some light blue starry tights, made warmer with a close knit red cardigan. Add in the patent leather shoes and its like something out of a Cyndi Lauper video.


When Marianna’s mother (the Deputy Mayor of Torfaen) had to launch the Royal Legion’s poppy appeal (an outdoor event at the end of October) Marianna had to look the part of the politicians daughter ,this coat over a plain dress and some simple white tights did the trick, especially when combined with patent leather shoes and her starry umbrella and hair tied back in a loose pony tail.

One of Marianna’s outfits over the weekend, it wasn’t for anything special just a brief walk followed by some lazing about the house. its a simple white blouse with some leggings with her knock off Doc Martens, and yes those leggings do have rabbits wearing glasses on them. Perfect for running about, sitting on her backside or getting in to all kinds of trouble.


Marianna’s outfit for yesterday, just another day of sitting about the house doing sweet FA, it was a pair of plain white socks, stripey leggings and a beige t-shirt made warmer by a matching poncho, and instead of doing anything fancy with her hair, I just put it in pigtails, hair is something I’m not good at.

So there you have it. Definitive proof that a heterosexual man can pick perfectly fashion forward outfits for a little girl.


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