Jokes On You: My Favourite Joker’s



The Joker is one of the most iconic villains of all time, having been named the greatest comic book villain on many different lists dedicated to such things. A man dedicated to mayhem, his scarlet lips, ivory features and bright green hair mark his stature as the antithesis ofhis arch rival the Batman. Since his creation by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in Batman #1 (1940) he has been a mainstay of the franchise including especially when it comes to Batman on the silver screen. So here is a look at the main Joker’s form (in my humble opinion) worst to best.

Jared Leto


The most recent screen joker appearing in 2016’s suicide squad as part of the new DC shared film universe.

Heath Ledger 

Heath Ledger Joker.jpg

Appearing in his final feature length film before his death, Heath Ledgers Joker starred in 2008’s the Dark Knight

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson Joker.jpg

Jack Nicholson portrayed the first live action Joker since Cesar Romero’s, starring opposite Michael Keaton’s Batman in the 1989 Tim Burton production and was heavily influenced by Alan Moore’s Batman The Killing Joke.

Cesar Romero


The first live action Joker and arguably the high point of the 1960’s Adam West series, appearing in 22 episodes and the motion picture Cesar Romero was the first to bring the madness to life, even if they did just paint over his mustache.

Mark Hamill 


Possibly the most successful of all Jokers having portrayed the Joker in 4 feature length animations, over 30 times on various DC animated shows, 9 video games and in the opening episode of the short lived, live action, Birds of Prey Series. This is why to my mind Mark Hamill is the Joker, even when reading the comics I read the Joker as Mark Hamill.

The Best Jokers.png


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