Less Than Stellar Judgement

I actually find myself sickened at some of the things I’m hearing at the moment.

Let me rewind a little. The current Prime Minister wanted to trigger Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon without consulting Parliament, thus meaning that Britain would leave the EU based solely on the results of the June referendum. However the decision was deemed illegal by the High Court, and since a media shit storm has been brewing.

Personal attacks have been launched on the presiding judges, as well as those bringing the case to trial. But the main irony is that the attacks are coming from the same sources that during the referendum campaign wanted primacy for the British Courts.


The sun (owned by Australian, Millionaire, Rupert Murdoch) launched a scathing attack on the so called loaded foreign elite. However this whole thing highlights several things, firstly it shows that the Prime Minister will now have to lay out some concrete plans for brexit. Secondly it highlights, now more than ever, why the judiciary needs to be above politics, yes this decision may have political ramifications, but it is not a political decision, Judges are there to interpret the law after it has been made, and you may disagree with their decision, which is your right to as a citizen of a democracy, but that doesn’t make it okay to attack those people who serve to make them.

If this is the state of affairs that we live in post Brexit, maybe it’s time I opened that bar in the Caribbean.


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