Tightwad Tips: X-Mas On A Budget

Lets face it, who among us hasn’t been a little skint at times? I mean its only normal. With Christmas fast approaching here are a few tips to help you get through the festive season without breaking the bank.


  1. Competitions: online competitions are are a god send, you can win everything from TV’s and holidays to tea samples and questionable paperbacks. For some online competitions try Goodreads or The Prize Finder.
  2. Secondhand: hear me out. Are you buying for an avid reader? Someone who’ll read a book once and pass it on? Why not go for something second hand? it’ll be cheaper and they’ll enjoy it just as much. Amazon and Ebay are a god send for such things.
  3. Homemade: Know a chocaholic? Why not make some cakes or fudge decorate them nice and put them in a fancy looking tin (the likes of which you can buy in tiger or poundland) and viola. You have a Christmas present made with love.
  4. Presentation: remember that presentation is everything, A two pound bouquet can be improved no end with a vase and a nicely tied ribbon. The same goes for things such as sweets and chocolate or even wine, putting some beers in an ice bucket would make all the difference to just handing them over in a bag.
  5. Raising Money: you could always do the old fashioned thing and raise money to pay for Christmas, sell your old games, books, DVD’s and CD’s on sites such as Ziffit, Momox or Ebay and raise the money to pay for Christmas and declutter your home in one fell swoop. And lets be honest, in this age of netflix and itunes, who listens to CD’s and watches DVD’s anymore?
  6. Free Samples: putting free cosmetic samples in a little basket proves to be a great gift for friends and relations. You can make a Gentleman’s starter pack with a few cologne, coffee and shampoo samples just by adding a comb and miniature bottle of something.

What are your tightwad tips for getting through x-mas on a she string budget?


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