Political Style (Or Lack There Of)

The clothes make the man, or so they say. So here is a little look at the uniform of the wannabe politician (or should I say me). The blue suit is always a classic look, but adding pinstripes to the look adds a dash of power. Also add in the double breasted look and your on to a winner.


Now the shirt is something to be wary of, don’t go for anything too outlandish, I would stick with a plain white, long sleeved shirt.


Accessorise with a red, paisley tie and pocket square


Further accessories should include a flag pin or a poppy. (Depending on the time of year)


Then finish the look off with a pair of tan brogues, the pointier the better, (make sure they’re polished). Now many people will say that you should go for oxfords, not brogues, however I don’t think this applies to tan shoes, although I would never wear brown brogues.


So there you have it, further proof that I’m capable of putting together an outfit that is actually on point.


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