Review: Five On Brexit Island

Hands up all of you who have at some point in your life read one Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series. The Enid Blyton books have entertained countless children with the antics of Julian, Dick, Anne and George, not to mention Timmy the dog. The stories invariably take place during the summer holidays when all the children have returned from boarding school to spend the summer hols with George’s parents on the south Dorset Coast.

Five on brexit island.jpg

Five on Brexit Island is part of a new range of books called Enid Blyton for grown ups. Other titles in the series include: Five Go Gluten Free, Five Give Up The Booze and Five Go On A Strategy Away Day.

The plot of Five On Brexit Island focuses on ,the now grown up five’s , attempts to get away from fervour of the Brexit referendum result by taking a camping trip to Kirrin Island. However upon learning the result of the referendum George, the legal owner of Kirrin Island, decides to hold her own referendum on weather to stay as part of the United Kingdom, or become its own sovereign state.

The book really does highlight the absurdity of the Brexit campaign, from the boldly fictional claims of the ardent outers, to the ridiculous scaremongering of the in crowd, even down to the pointless resignations, the vile way in which the press egged the situation on and the way that in the end the majority of the electorate, just didn’t give a crap.

The book itself is written in a very similar style Enid Blyton’s original work, although thankfully it does leave out the massively outdated racism, and it does show what happens when the children from children’s stories go on and grow up. I would recommend wholeheartedly as a gift and may indulge further into Mr Bruno Vincent’s take on the Famous Five. This work is defiantly something to put in the stocking of any politically minded millennial or any brexit loving baby boomer and should be read by as many people as possible.

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