Smackdown On Potomac

So the bad news from last week is that the orange beast, Donald Trump, won the election to become President Of The United States. I’ve written about Mr Trump’s extremist policies in previous posts. Now however he may have actually done something that I approve of, well something I don’t overly disapprove of at any rate.

Linda McMahon and President Elect Donald Trump

Mr Trump has put forward a name for the position of secretary of commerce. Linda McMahon, the former Chief Executive of WWE. Sources close to the Trump team have suggested the potential appointment.

On the face of it this seems like a bad idea, cronyism and nepotism at its best, Mr Trump’s links with the McMahon family are well known, with Mr Trump actually being a member of the WWE hall of fame, and footage of Mr Trump’s ringside antics played throughout the campaign. However, when you look at it in depth the logic behind the decision starts to shine through.

As Secretary of Commerce, Mrs McMahon’s role would be to promote American businesses and industries. Along with her husband she has grown the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) into a company worth over  $600 Million, with assets both stateside and abroad. And whilst her political credentials are somewhat lacking, she does have the business acumen both domestically and overseas to actually be a candidate worthy of consideration. Another consideration to mention is her media profile, which is a positive, the WWE is a major media operation and she was at its head, and at times in the past she has even been an on screen presence, and this will only serve her well in the position.

One final consideration is that Mrs McMahon is a woman, and from President Elect Trump’s view, handing out a high level cabinet position to a woman could do a lot to help repair some of the damaging rhetoric of his campaign, and may even bring in a few more women voters for the 2020 elections.

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