Dealing With Writers Block

Not every page (1).png

Who out there in the blogging community hasn’t, at some point or another, suffered from writers block? Today I had such a massive writers block it was as if I were actually trying to get past a physical block made out of every writer who has ever lived. But it got me thinking about writers block.

For those of you who don’t know, writers block is where a writer struggles to come up with new material or experiences a creative slowdown. There is no definitive cause of writers block and there are many things that can lead to a creative blockage. Such simple things as lack of motivation and or being devoid of inspiration. External factors can play another part in things, problems such as stress and depression can really be a kick in the sack to the creative process.

Another thing can also be the pressure to create work itself, when you look at a blank page, you can feel it staring back, mocking you, laughing at you, making you the joke. The sweat starts to drip as every second ticking away brings you closer and closer to your deadline. You can feel it creeping over you and then it consumes you.

And that, is what, in my effort to produce interesting daily content, I have been dealing with today. So just remember that the most effective tip for dealing with writers block is, when you are struck with that interminable C word, you can always write about your writers block, that’ll sort you out for at least the next day.


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