The White Beast

This story begins with our hero, a young man, setting out to slay a fearsome beast. He thought he would be smart, looking about for information on how to slay the infernal monster, but searching gave up nothing, no clue or magic fix for how to take down the beast. Talking to those in his life proved just as fruitless as no one knew of how to end the fiend.

Our hero grew despondent, for there was no knowledge of how to terminate this foe. Our hero sank into a stupor for he knew that he had finish this cursed demon, but he could not find the means. The all consuming ennui  had crawled into his very being, his thoughts were riddled on the how of it. Thinking about it was torturous, The beast sneering in his minds eye was enough to drive any man to madness. Eventually our hero snapped. He decided to go in and attack, with no knowledge and blackened soul.

He attacked with all his might and talent, running headlong screaming and flailing into the abyss. Kicking and lashing, fighting and tearing our hero stormed the monsters lair.

The monster sneered, it bared its white teeth and sank them into our hero, it laughed as it devoured him, knowing that it had won. Knowing that he was gone our hero meekly surrendered, knowing that it was all over, knowing that the end was near he just submitted.

Then a thought stuck our hero, and he ran with it, the inspiration had been found, after all necessity is the mother of invention, and before our hero knew it, that white stare was gone and our hero was victorious, lorded by his peers and those who were of no use in the beginning, he knew that his foe had been vanquished…for now.

This post is part of a series of posts on writers block, if you didn’t get it the white toothed monster is a thinly veiled metaphor for the blank page. 


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