Bat Parenting


As a proud comic book nerd, one of my favourite characters is Batman. As a father I have been trying to get my daughter into the same things. Batman is the perfect character to start ones descent into comic bookery. To that end I began subtly by getting one or two outfits.


Then I strayed over into toys. Firstly I got her some of the Funko Mopeez


Then I moved into some of the dolls from the DC Superhero Girls, comics and TV series, a line of dolls and comics aimed at opening up the comic market to young girls. I originally got her a Batgirl doll, because she was a fellow ginger and most dolls (and super heroes) are either blonde or brunette, I then got Marianna a Wonder Woman doll, just because I like to spoil her, don’t tell her, but I’ve got her a Supergirl doll for Christmas.


I didn’t just stop at toys I got more outfits, like this hoody from Primark, yes the hood is actually a bat mask.

12592277_10154063789345480_3835208392372842949_nAnd then I hit the jackpot. There are a ridiculous amount of batman related films and TV shows. We have spent hours watching the classic 1990’s animated series and recently have started watching the 1960’s live action version


Aside from being terrified of both the Joker and The Riddler, she loves it, she now asks for Batman on TV. So I like to think I win at parenting just because of this.


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