Hob-Nobing With Those Who Matter

When it comes to food I know what I like. I also know what I dislike, I am a fairly fussy eater. But most people wouldn’t think that about me. The main reason being, is that I will try anything once. I’ve tried some of the most bizarre foods on the planet, from deep fried locusts with with strawberry sauce to pickled baby octopus, I have tried many, many things.  Now food blogs often highlight the high points of haute cuisine and brilliance of intricate sugar craft.

I however am a little different, today I am going to be talking about that simple pleasure. The chocolate Hobnob. idshot_540x540

The chocolate Hobnob is king among biscuits, whether with tea or eaten alone, nothing compares to that raptures blend of chocolate and oat style heaven. From that first bite, through to the last crumb the Hobnob is the king of the biscuit world. What I love most is the contrast, the smoothness of the chocolate with the crumblyness of the biscuit itself, I can’t even begin to think how many of those bad boys I’ve consumed over the decades, but when they taste that good, why bother counting.


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