Randomness Personified (Sam From Motor Lizzy)


So today we’re giving Sam, the bassist and vocalist from Motor Lizzy and a long time friend of mine, the Randomness Personified Quiz. Lets see how he got on.

If you were to lose the ability to see 1 particular colour what would it be? It would be, brown.
If you had to live without cheese or bread which would you pick? cheese, I like bread, there’s too much stuff to do with bread.
Pick a card, any card– ace of spades (with motorhead inflection)
Which would you rather, spend a month with no internet, or a lifetime without television? a lifetime without television, the internet is my life.
Who would win in a fight a red squirrel or an otter?  an otter, they’re bigger
CD’s, vinyl or cassettes? vinyls
Who would win in a foot race, your most favourite cartoon character or your least favourite tv personality? In a race between Super Mario and Louis Walsh,  Super Mario would jump on his head and kill him.
Your least favourite type of neck wear?  necklaces, scarfs I like
Without using a calculator , 6 x 43= I havent got a fucking clue.
If you had to stage a military coup, in which country would you do it? Holland, no marching up hill.

Check out some of Sam’s musical genius over on the Motorlizzy  facebook page.

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