My Relationship With God

My Relationship With God.png

Today I had a pamphlet come through the door, proclaiming god is the answer. Not that god holds the answers, but god is the answer. It got me thinking if god is the answer, what is the question? And then I began thinking about my beliefs in god, an afterlife, in life the universe and everything.

I’m not really sure what I believe and this worries me little, especially lately, a short while ago I lost one of my younger siblings, and it has made me begin to think about the whole life and death thing, I’ve never really been one for questioning my mortality, but I guess having to think of what comes after I suppose its only natural.

I cant say that I really believe in god, a church school sort of beats that out of you, I like the study of religion, but have never found anything that really resonates with my train of thought. I mean Christianity just seems to set up god as a dictator who forsakes those who question him or exhibits free will or thought. Lucifer was banished from the kingdom of heaven for questioning gods rule. Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden for daring to eat from the tree of knowledge. It also sets up God as insecure, in the Binding of Isaac, God asks Abraham to prove his devotion, but being omniscient surely God should have known that Abraham was loyal.

It isn’t just Christianity though, the Hindu religion claims that the universe will last for four days only, surely it would make more sense to last a week. I think the main thing that doesn’t sell me on religion is the way that people use it as a crutch, as a reason not to think for themselves, as a way to shut themselves off from new experiences and as a means of justifying hatred and closed mindedness. As far back as the Spanish Inquisition people have been using religious differences as a fuel for hatred and for unjustifiable acts of horror, from Isis and Al Qaeda to the Ku Klux Klan, this is one of the main reasons why I could never call myself a religious person. Because I can appreciate the teachings of various religious texts, I just think that the whole institution has been corrupted by those that claim to serve it.


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