Wipeout, Silver Surfers Indeed.

I don’t know how many of you out there are active in community groups, but I am in one or two, and they a hot bed of old people. Now in one of those groups that I am active in, I am the groups secretary, and this basically means I’m in charge of taking minuets, organising meetings and emailing the members to let them know where, when, etc. But there’s the rub, anyone dealing with old people will know that many are not on email, because, and I quote, “[they] can’t wrap their head around this new fangled technology”.

This got me thinking though, email has actually been about in some form or another since the 1960’s. Web hosted mail, like AOL, Hotmail, Gmail etc, has been in use since the late 1990’s so the technology isn’t really new. So why can’t old people learn to F*%#ing use it?

I mean you don’t hear me saying that I can’t use an amazon echo because its new do you, I learn, surely retirement is a time to learn new things?

Exploding Dinosaur Carcasses (A Thought For The Day)

Exploding Dinosaur Carcasses.png

I just saw a facebook post, wherein the poster, was complaining about the price of petrol. Petrol prices seem to do nothing but increase, so its understandable that motorists around the world would be put out by increases in price. However when you actually think about what it is your buying, you may realise that your actually paying a pretty good price.

What your actually buying are the exploding carcasses of dinosaur’s that have been liquidised by time and pressure. That’s right, I said exploding dinosaur remains. So when you think that by filling up your car you are in fact actually trafficking (pun absolutely intended) in the remains of an extinct creature.  So think on that when you decide to drive that hundred yards for a loaf of bread. Think about those millions of creatures that gave their lives, over millions of years, just so you could drive your shit little Skoda.

I mean the clue is in the name, fossil fuels, but it doesn’t really get the picture across does it? I mean how would you feel, knowing that your mortal remains would be used so some lazy bugger can go on a beer run? I know how I would feel about it. This is why I think I would like to see more being done for hydrogen cars, or other forms renewable transport, I think we can all agree that there needs to be more investment into that sort of thing, if only because you’ll never get me on a bicycle.

Coming Out Of The Bat Closet (LGBTQ Themes In Batman)

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Have you ever stopped to think how gay Batman is. There is a lot of subtext if you read between those thought bubbles. Lets look at it in stages.

  1. Batman/ Bruce Wayne’s relationship with women. As both Batman and Bruce Wayne, he seems incapable of maintaining a healthy long term relationship, such short term things seem fraught with tragedy, looking at his relationships with women as Batman such as Catwoman, Wonder Woman, or Talia Al Ghul, they all seem to be some sort of overcompensation. His relationships as Bruce Wayne however are quiet simply as a beard, they go a long way to setting up his persona as Bruce Wayne, millionaire playboy, whose to say heterosexual millionaire playboy isn’t also part of it.
  2. His relationship with Alfred: Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler and one time legal guardian and full time enabler. Alfred took on the role of father to Bruce Wayne after Bruce’s parents were murdered. Instead of getting little Bruce some serious grief counselling and psychiatric care he let him drop out of school to pursue his career as scourge of the underworld. Their relationship is more complex than just that however. Alfred genuinely does love Bruce like a son, however Bruce’s feelings are somewhat different, he begins to project on Alfred during his teenage years, and because he can’t act on these feeling internalises them and it feeds his depression and anguish, not to mention giving him cause to focus on ending crime on Gotham.
  3. Batman’s relation ship with Robin: Anyone who has ever seen the Adam West/ Burt Ward depictions  of Batman and Robin will have no illusions that they are a gay couple. The whole relationship is odd on the face of it. Now single men can make great parents, (dad’s can do it too etc) but it does seem a little strange that a single man in his 20’s/30’s would adopt a teenage son, it may be cynical of me to think that anything untoward was taking place, but when the man doing the adopting forces the child out on to the streets in a pair of green briefs, alarm bells start to ring, and it isn’t because the joker is robbing a bank if you know what I mean.

Batman is one of those characters that will never be outed in mainstream comics continuity (why else would you have characters such as Midnighter if Batman was out), but there are a lot of themes within the comic books, the TV shows and films that are definitely a bit on the queer side.

Some Things

Over the past few weeks I’ve been told I should give a few things a try, some of them are:

  • Stand up comedy: I don’t really see it myself, but a lot of older people have been telling me that I should try it because I have a really dry sense of humour, however what most people don’t realise is, is that I’m not joking
  • Making my own wine: I tried it once and it was good and its something I keep meaning to go back to.
  • Video blogging: I don’t really  feel that I have the screen presence to pull off a video blog, I mean I’m no oil painting, unless we’re talking the kind painted by Hieronymus Bosch, and I don’t have the patience to script it out before hand.
  • Podcasting: This one I think may be a winner, as I have a face that was made for radio, and if radio three has taught us anything, is you don’t actually have to be interesting to broadcast.

So do you think I should try any of these?

The Science Of A Magic Carpet Ride

The Science Of A Magic Carpet Ride.png

Earlier today I watched Disney’s Aladdin while taking my daughter to visit my parents. What first struck me, was how racist and culturally insensitive parts of the film were. The second thing that struck me was how fantastic the late great Robin Williams was as the Genie. Then the third thing that struck me was that during the magic carpet ride Aladdin and Princess Jasmine started in the Middle East, fly through Greece (or a country sporting Grecian architecture) before ending their evening watching fireworks in China. Not only this but during the course of the magic carpet ride a couple of loop the loops are performed. How both parties don’t fall off is a little beyond me, but my main theory beyond it plainly being magic is that this is an example of centripetal force.  Centripetal force is a force that makes a body follow a curved path, a good example is lifting a coin into a cup without touching it.

How they got from the Middle East to Greece to China and back in one night is something that I am having trouble explaining. Most commercial jets will fly at about 550 miles per hour (210 miles per hour above the speed of sound)  now it would take about four hours to fly from Turkey to Greece one way, and given that Greece is in the opposite direction to china that’s eight hours of travel to begin with, then add on that the 10 hours that it would take to get from Turkey to China and that makes 28 hours of travel time at over 200 mph over the speed of sound, with no protection from the elements whatsoever. In order to do that journey in one night (12 hours at most) they would have had to fly at approximately 1500 mph or mach 2. Without protection, travelling at that speed would, undoubtedly, have caused sever internal injuries, or even death.

Another explanation is that Aladdin and Princess Jasmine were away for several days, which would also explain the negative reaction from the Sultans forces upon their arrival back in sunny Agrabah

Apathy For The Day

I don’t actually have anything that I want to blog about today. The news is bleak and I haven’t really done anything exciting, I went to the pub last night, and got pizza on the way home, this is really the high point of my week so far, and today I’m just full of all kinds of apathy. So not really having anything in mind when I started writing this post, beyond the desire to continue my streak of posting new content daily. But yeah, apathy. I look forward to next week when I have more on.

Although bright side, ebay has finally come up trumps and delivered an affordable smoking jacket which arrived today, between that and the cravats I got last week, I would be well in line for numerous best dressed awards, if only I had places to go, and best dressed awards were actually a thing.