Follow Your Dreams, But Don’t Be Lead By Them

The Man Down My Local (17).png

Today I committed pen (typeface anyway) to paper in following a life long dream of mine. As even the most casual readers of this blog know I am a massive comic book fan, I love superheroes, but as well as that I love the whole medium of comics, the horrors and the sword and sorcery’s and most of all the sci-fi thrillers. I like nothing better than tucking into a little bit of vintage thrill power.

Like most comic fans I have often thought about trying my hand and the writing of comics, I’m nowhere near talented enough of an artist to try illustrating one. But to that end I’ve actually began writing a short piece for submission to 2000 AD. Probably nothing will come of it, but at least I can say that I’ve tried and that’s really all that matters, even if I fail at least I took the shot.

I haven’t actually finished my first draft yet, but its an exciting time.


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