Are Men Really Men Anymore?

Men are a dying breed these days, real men anyway. I’m not taking pot shots at this new generation that needs a safe space to go to because their history lecture looked at bad things, I’m talking about in general.

There are no men anymore, even if you go out with friends, it will always be seen as a group of lads or a group of boys, it may even be qualified with an adjective like old or young, a group of young lads, or an old boys outing, but you very rarely hear a group of me described as that, a group of men.

In part I blame feminism, and no this isn’t going to be some misogynistic rant, but for decades now girls have grown up to be told that they can do anything, and men just haven’t had that same nurturing, so they see no reason to come out of this childish shell. Its even reached the point where this sort of manchildishness is actually starting to be portrayed as the norm for male behaviour, the way it’s popularised on television from the likes of Homer Simpson to Peter Griffin, and it shows that men just can’t seem to act as functioning adults. I know that showing the protagonist as well-rounded human being would not make for interesting viewing, but I do see this sort of manchild like behaviour every day.

Men no longer dress like men, they don’t speak like men, they don’t move like men and they most certainly don’t act like men. It seems to be some sort of Neanderthal like swagger with trousers pulled down bellow the arse using words like reem and on fleek and I’m actually embarrassed to be associated with this sort of person. This probably makes me, at best an old fuddy duddy, but at worst some sort of intolerant old man, but standards are slipping and I hate it, Is my daughter going to grow up in a generation where worse than this is the norm? where tracksuit bottoms and a hat indoors are considered, not only acceptable, but the height of fashion and sophistication?

I dread to think what the future holds for menkind, but I hope things improve for the better.

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