Colouring In

Colouring In.png

Today I didn’t really have much on, well I didn’t really have anything that I was actually going to do. So playing with Marianna earlier she began colouring in the Spider-Man colouring book that I, I mean Santa, got her for Christmas, after about ten minuets of colouring both in and out of the lines, Marianna handed me the book and said “Daddy do it” so I took the book, got out the felt pens and began colouring in Spider-Man.

Adult colouring books seem to be all the rage lately, apparently they aid in stress management, however I did not find this to be the case. Being dyspraxic, my coordination is awful, my handwriting is terrible, I can’t even hold a pen the right way, so as you can guess colouring in is a chore, but my little girl asked me to do it, and by god I wasn’t going to let her down.

So using some fineline felt tip pens and a lot of internalised cursing, here is the page that I did.


As you can see, Marianna decided to help with the background, but overall I was pretty impressed with my efforts, (about an hours worth of effort if I’m honest), I’ve seen worse colouring jobs in actual published comics. However, I certainly don’t understand how people can actually do it to unwind, I actually feel a lot more wound up now I’ve finished than before I began. But it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon bonding with my little girl.

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