Today, Today

Today has been a fairly productive day, I’ve managed to push past the illness and apathy that seems to have been the themes of my week, and have gone on to do all those things that have just seemed too gargantuan a task throughout the week. What this actually translates to is: A couple of loads of washing, doing the ironing and running the vacuum cleaner and mop around the downstairs. But I feel a lot better for having done it, I suppose it is true, what they say, about your surroundings defining your mental state.

However I’m now at that point where all housework and parenting type chores are done, and I’m now free on a Friday night with no plans, trying to remedy this is proving difficult, because as stated in previous posts, I’m now at an age where I need to make plans about 2 weeks in advance, so that everybody has time to hone their excuses before they cancel at the last minuet.

So I think now I will be spending the evening with a bottle of perfectly chilled Moët and Chandon, whilst hoping that I can find a new television program that’s worth a good ole’ binge.


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