Why Men Should Moisturise

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Over the past few weeks I’ve upped my skincare game. That is to say I now have a skincare game. I’ve started using moisturiser daily. And I have to say, over the past two weeks I’ve noticed a real difference, and I wish I started years ago.

As a former smoker, and someone who drinks a little more than is good for him, my skin is pretty awful, but it took a little bit of flaking skin on the bridge of my nose to actually get me off my arse. I don’t really know why it took me so long, its probably because of the ingrained view that its effeminate or unmanly, or blah blah blah. Whatever. Here are a few reasons to try it.

  1. If you smoke or drink, you will do immeasurable damage to your skin, as both vices, whilst fun, will dehydrate your skin massively.
  2. If you spend a lot of time outdoors the harmful damage from UV rays can at least be tempered by using a moisturiser with some sort of UV protection in it.
  3. It helps fight acne. Don’t let anyone fool you and say that acne stops after puberty, because it doesn’t, it might not be as bad, but every once in a while, usually before a hot date or big meeting, you’ll wake up with a corker of a zit. Now I’m not saying moisturiser will put an end to these woes, but defence is the best type of offence.
  4. It helps fight wrinkles, I know older guys look better, I mean I’ve definitely got better since leaving my teens, but there is a point where silver fox becomes silver sphinx cat, so try and delay that as long as possible.

Those are just some of the many reasons why men should use moisturiser. So stop delaying and start using the damn stuff. It doesn’t even have to be expensive stuff, a tube of pound-land special will do, I mean no one is expecting you to go out and get a £1000 vial of stuff made from the placenta of grass fed angora rabbits raised in the shadow of the Swiss alps, but at least use the stuff that comes with the shaving kit your auntie got you for Christmas.



3 thoughts on “Why Men Should Moisturise

  1. Hiya, what moisturiser do you use? I’d been using Nivea men’s for years and although was good to suppress flaky skin etc, didn’t really make that much difference. I overheard a guy saying about using Elemis for men and his skin was great. So last Xmas my wife brought me an Elemis gift set as a sort of trail. Well it’s already had a major effect, but warning it is exxy, but for a reason. There’s now no going back 🙂


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