Why Are People So $*!7 When It Comes To Talking About Refugees

I can’t believe I have to do this again. I had a blog post all scheduled, which was actually just me posting an assignment from university, but social media has angered me so here goes.

I just read a status slamming refugees, for taking jobs and spreading sharia law throughout our country and actually used the phrase “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims”   and this has made me so angry its unbelievable.

So firstly I’d like to name a few terrorist organisations that have nothing to do with Islam: The IRA, The KKK, Britain First, The Red Brigades, just to name a few.

Secondly I’d like to explain that many refugees coming to the United Kingdom from Syria are actually fleeing from sharia law, and the other extremist views put forth by the terrorist group Isis, these people and their so called ideals are what the Syrian refugees are running away from, they aren’t coming to Britain to steal jobs, they are coming because their homes are being bombed by Isis, by The US and their coalition, and by their own government. It shows a great deal of common sense that refugees would leave their homes amidst not only bombings, but attacks by ground troops and even chemical attacks, anyone else think that running is probably the best course of action?

On the stealing of jobs part, I would like to say that refugees and asylum seekers are not allowed to work in Britain, if you know of someone employing an asylum seeker, its your duty to report it to the police, but asylum seekers have to live on £5.28 a day, and even that is means tested, if somehow an asylum seeker makes it to this shore with a bank balance of any kind they wont get that £5.28 to live on.


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