Valentines Day

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I didn’t get a card today, I knew that was coming. It amazes me though how many people don’t actually know the history of Valentines Day.

It goes back to ancient Rome, where the Christianity was a crime. Christianity was a crime in its infancy, because it flew in the face of the Religious multitheism that was Rome. Rome had no problem with different religions, but they tried to fold them into their own, this is why there is a temple to Isis (goddess of health, marriage and wisdom, not the so called Islamic state) located in the roman settlement of Caerleon (just outside Newport). But because the first commandment states “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” the Romans, whose emperor was said to have divine connections , may have had a problem with this.

So because of the legal status of Christianity, Christian marriages couldn’t be performed openly, then along came Valentinus, who performed the marriages in secret as a means to stop the now married men from being sent to war. Upon being discovered and imprisoned many sources claim that whilst imprisoned he heals the blindness of his jailers daughter, whom he falls in love with. Upon the day of his execution  he leaves her a love letter, signed “from your Valentine” .

So there you have the so called history of Valentines Day, but sources for its veracity are mostly folklore and hearsay, and at best could be said to be apocryphal, so hopefully that makes you feel better, but if you’re at home reading this blog on Valentines Day, not much is going to make you feel better.


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