Existentialism In The Modern World

The Man Down My Local (27).png

Do you ever think how figures from history would go down in the modern world. Looking about, Hitler would probably do well in politics today, Marx would probably be called a crackpot and Freud would be labelled a pervert on a level with Josef Fritzl. Thinking of the philosophers of the old school, what would they be made of today.

Would Nietzsche be thought of as some deep thinker, or would his discourses on man’s place in the universe illicit something like a “U K hun?” in the comment section of his blog. Judging from the internet my guess is Sartre would be reduced to producing minions quotes and facebook status that are vague and seem like they’re just trying to get a sympathetic reaction.

Is there no room for deep thought in the modern world? Again looking around me, I sense that there is very little in the way of actual thought taking place, let alone deep thought. Is this the end of intellectualism in the world? Probably. Society is now obsessed with the banal, reality television, fast food, everything in bite sized, easy to digest chunks, these days when talking about existentialism all I can think is that if I wanted depressing thoughts about nothing I’d just crack open the Daily Mail.

We as a people are too self obsessed for it these days, even me. I mean look at this self indulgent rambling, I’ve pretty much insulted the entire planet just to say look at me I’m smart, when I even try to boil that down to pithy soundbites.


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