Guess What

its the weekend mother fornicators.

Crimes Against Fashion That Should Be Tried At The Hague

Dressing For Dinner (1).png

Knitted Ties


Ties are meant to be for business or for formal occasions, knitted says neither, it says my Nana made it for me. I mean a knitted jumper is ok, they’re at least functional, but the kitted tie is just ugly.

Baseball Caps

Baseball Cap

They just look stupid, I don’t know what it is about them that I don’t like so much, maybe its that most are festooned with some sort of advertising that you’ve been duped into paying to display, which is still advertising, even if they do call it merchandise.

V Neck T-Shirts


Nothing screams douche bag louder that a V neck tee. Why they’ve become so popular I don’t know, is it to show off that you get your chest waxed? Or is it to show that you go to the gym? Maybe its just because I’m stuck with the rugged (hairy) dad bod (surely that should be father figure?) that I don’t like them, but honestly I just want to hit people when they rock up somewhere in a low cut t-shirt and skinny jeans I mean seriously make some effort.

Male Uggs


They’re women’s shoes designed for little effort, need I say more.

Wicker Shoes 


These things are just hideous, and so impractical, they would last 1 minuet against the British elements, but at one point these were the height of fashion. Its like the mullet of menswear, you have to wonder why it was ever a thing. If anyone still owns a pair of these please dispose of them responsibly (don’t donate them to refugees, they have enough problems).



Chefs and doctors alike wear these because they don’t slip and apparently are comfortable as hell, but even so, No. Just No.

All of these are just a no. So don’t do it. Any of them.

Sabbath Day Blues

I’m never sure if Saturday or Sunday is the Sabbath, but if is a Sunday and it were biblical times I would be stoned to death for the amount of work that I have managed to get done. On the face of it the amount isn’t actually that much, I did the dishes and the washing, cooked Sunday lunch (beef, veg, gravy, Yorkshire’s, the whole shebang) and most importantly I began the paperwork process for the upcoming election on May 4th.

Just beginning the paperwork and conferring with my running mates removed a massive headache that had been building for weeks, and having a clear plan helps but life will undoubtedly cause me nothing but more stress over the next 6 weeks or so, but that’s life.

Saturday Times

today has been a busy day, it started out with watching snow white with Marianna for what seems like the infinityth time. We then went shopping for an orchid for my mothers mothers day present . We then came back for our siesta and then went to my parents for dinner, where Marianna played with Duplo, cars and a bubble gun whilst watching Monsters University. Even with the siesta I still feel exhausted.