Guess What

its the weekend mother fornicators.


The Saga Slows Down

The saga of the burst pipe has ended, new content resumes tomorrow.

Burst Pipe

my plans for blogging were again scuppered today, this time by a burst pipe. No lasting damage, but I now have no water in my kitchen.

Paperwork Day

Today has been taken over by petty paperwork and a little bit of banter, but it hasn't left me time to blog, so sorry.

Sabbath Day Blues

I'm never sure if Saturday or Sunday is the Sabbath, but if is a Sunday and it were biblical times I would be stoned to death for the amount of work that I have managed to get done. On the face of it the amount isn't actually that much, I did the dishes and the …

Saturday Times

today has been a busy day, it started out with watching snow white with Marianna for what seems like the infinityth time. We then went shopping for an orchid for my mothers mothers day present . We then came back for our siesta and then went to my parents for dinner, where Marianna played with …