London Attack

Yesterday there was a terror attack in London, outside the Houses of Parliament, and it struck a little close to home for me, because Parliament is actually somewhere that I used to visit regularly at one point almost weekly, now that my career is ,suffice to say in the crapper, I rarely have need to leave South Wales, let alone visit Parliament, but I still have a lot of friends and colleagues who work their still, and luckily no one I know was among the dead or injured.

What does annoy me most is that the only detail about the lone terrorist released is that he was British born. No other detail was released. Yet many many people are already pointing fingers at the Muslim community, and this angers me beyond belief. I could write treatises about my anger and about the level of ignorance this belies, but I’m just going to say even if it turns out this man claimed to follow the teachings of Islam (I say claimed because no true Muslim would commit such an act), there will always be cunts in any community, but most are decent enough people just trying to get through the week. So they should not be made to suffer because one cunt doesn’t like the status quo.


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