Doctor Who? The Daleks

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Nothing could be more terrifying than hearing the shrill battle cry of the Daleks, that cold scream of Exterminate. Terry Nation’s creation the Daleks are in my opinion what makes Doctor who the success it is. You can’t mention Doctor Who without mentioning the Daleks.

The Kaleds

Davros and The Daleks

The Daleks originally come from the planet Skaro, home to two intelligent humanoid races, the Thals and The Kaleds. As was inevitable the Kaleds and Thals went to war, the reasons were lost to history, however the war had raged for centuries, being fought with chemical and biological weapons, as well as with guns, bows and arrows and even rocks.

All the resources of the Kaled nation were being put towards the war effort , which was spearheaded by the science elite, led by a man named Davros. Davros was a crippled Kaled scientist, who was a brilliant engineer, biologist and geneticist, who began experimenting with Kaled DNA, accelerating its evolution Davros takes the Kaleds to their ultimate form, however they are unable to move freely so Davros designs a travel suit and weapon system for the Dalek embryo’s to placed into. Davros’ genetic tinkering removed all emotion from the Dalek’s but hate and instilled a particular hatred for anything but other Daleks.  Murdering both the Kaled’s and Thal’s before turning on Davros for his own perceived impurity the Daleks being spreading across the universe

The Daleks

The Daleks make war wherever they go, making and breaking alliances as needed murdering all that get in their way. They have made war on such races as the Draconian’s and The Movellan’s. Choosing a leader from their own ranks, an Emperor and Supreme Dalek, the Daleks are a military force like no other, using the tactics of a swarm of locusts the Daleks destroy all in their path, with no time for, nor concept of, mercy.

The Daleks will not stop until they are all that exist in the universe and that does not mean they will not kill each other. There was in fact at least one Dalek civil war. Upon being revealed to still be alive, The Dalek’s creator Davros amasses a large army of Daleks loyal to him, calling himself the Emperor Dalek he begins a war against the forces of the Dalek Supreme and his renegade forces. This Dalek civil war is ended by the intervention of the Time Lord known as The Doctor, using a Time Lord Weapon The Hand Of Omega, The Doctor tricks Davros into destroying his fleet as well as the Dalek home world Skaro.

Time War

Whilst it is not certain, this act of treachery may be seen as the opening shots of the Last Great Time War, a war between Daleks and Time Lords. Whilst not much is known of the war itself, it is known that the war was fought for millennia, countless races were killed it ended with the near destruction of both the Daleks and the Time Lords.

After the time war ended, the Daleks and Time Lords have slipped into legend, but it is revealed that both the Dalek Emperor and Davros have survived both making their own attempts to rebuild the Dalek empire for their own ends, even going so far as to rebuild their home world of Skaro.

Stand Out Serials 

  1. The Daleks: The second serial of the entire show, it see’s the introduction to the Daleks in full black and white terror, it show’s much of the Dalek’s history and home world, including the war with the thals and their obsession with racial purity.
  2. The Chase: After developing their own mode of time travel the Daleks begin chasing the Tardis crew throughout time and space making stops in New York, The Mary Celeste, a desert world, a haunted house and a far future jungle world.
  3. Genesis of The Daleks: The origin of the Daleks, need I say more.
  4. Remembrance of the Daleks: This was the last Dalek story of the original run and has always been one of my favourites, it sees the the culmination of the Dalek civil war and the Destruction of the plaent Skaro and its the first time that I ever felt that the Doctor really hates the Daleks.
  5. Dalek: After the shows relaunch in 2005 it was only a matter of time before we saw the Daleks again six episodes in, there it was, the last Dalek in the universe face to face with the last Time Lord, and we see what the Dalek’s have tiwisted the Doctor into, Christopher Ecclestones Doctor really does manage to show what centuries of war will do to you, especially when you lose so much, then only to be confronted with those responsible.

Dishonourable Mention 

  1. Stairs: It says a lot that the greatest threat in the universe can be stopped by stairs, I know in later episodes the Daleks were shown to be able to fly, but in the early days it was seen that climbing a flight of stairs was the best way to beat a Dalek.
Stairs, The Daleks Greatest Enemy


I asked Marianna what I should blog about today, half heartedly hoping that she would offer up some insightful gem, because sometimes what out of the mouth of babes… whatever. But, what I got was no.

No is Marianna’s favourite word. She says it on average a hundred times a day, usually in some form of screech. So here is a blog dedicated to the word no.

Determiner: not any;“there is no excuse”

Exclamation: used to give a negative response:“‘Is anything wrong?’ ‘No.’”

Adverb: “they were no more able to perform the task than I was”

Noun: a negative answer or decision: “he was unable to change his automatic yes to a no”