Book Review: Solomon Kane The Right Hand Of Doom


After looking at Conan and Kull I decided to try Robert E Howard’s other most famous creation, Solomon Kane. I picked up the collected edition The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane published by Del Ray Books.

The story that stuck out the most in my humble opinion was a piece entitled, The Right Hand Of Doom. It’s a short piece that sees the puritan warrior staying in an inn where one of the locals is bragging about selling out a sorcerer to the local militia, the piece sets up the character of Solomon as no nonsense and as someone who doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Without offering anything in the way of spoilers the story is a little bit creepy, in a good way, and leaves you with a strong moral lesson.

It’s typical of Howard’s writing, its dark and gritty, Howard manages to paint an atmospheric and descriptive piece of literature and whilst it is not a long piece, rest assured that it is not hastily written, you can tell that this is written by a master of his craft and it makes it all the sadder at the mans untimely death.

This is definitely one of Howard’s best pieces, which in itself is a major piece praise, but is something that I would actually recommend as one of the best pieces of literature of the 20th century.


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