WW3 Is Probably Around The Corner

Dressing For Dinner (2).png

The situation in Syria at the moment is beginning to look like a complete clusterfuck, its a war on all fronts, Assad being backed by the Russians is butchering his own people, who in turn are being butchered by The So Called Islamic State who are also fighting Bashar Al Assad’s forces not to mention the omnishambles that is combined joint task force under operation inherent resolve (seriously who names these things, they might as well have named it the Coalition Kick Ass and be done with the thing).

Without going into why Assad is attacking his own people or why the Russians are backing him or how and why an organisation of so called Islamic terrorists got involved (beyond saying they’re opportunist scum looking to gain a foothold in the region amid the carnage) suffice to say the latest developments of the saga read like the prologue to some dystopian epic the likes of which Phillip K Dick or George Orwell would have loved to receive credit for.

Assad has once again turned illegal chemical weapons on his own people, the very people he should be protecting, and in response to this, the United States Of America under Donald Trump has launched 59 missiles aimed at key targets in response. However in response to America’s response Vladimir Putin has mobilised the Navy of The Russian Federation The frigate Admiral Grigorovich RFS-494 has moved into in the area from where the missiles where launched. Supposedly with the aim of visiting a Syrian naval base, but something about this whole thing sets my teeth on edge.

It just seems like the opening salvo of what could potentially be a very dangerous course of action from both sides. I mean its like the bay of pigs or Sarajevo in 1914. All these parties have allies and this just seems to be the first pebble that begins an avalanche, Assad bombs his own people, so America bombs Assad’s operations in Syria, then what happens next, does Russia stick up for its ally and Attack America? Then do America’s Allies from the coalition join in? Would Britain, France, Germany and The Netherlands then commit ground troops to the situation and being a long protracted fight on three fronts? I don’t know. But I really hope to any pantheon of gods out there that this doesn’t happen and that it isn’t the case. Who knows, maybe this missile strike will give Assad pause and call back his forces and focus on fighting and expelling ISIS rather than putting down half-hearted rebellions.


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