The Best Pie Fillings

The Man Down My Local (28).png

I’m having a chicken and gravy pie for lunch. Savoury pies really are one of the greatest inventions of human achievement. So as my salivary glands begin kicking into overdrive here are some of the best pie fillings in no particular order.

  1. Chicken and Mushroom
  2. Steak and Ale
  3. Minted Lamb
  4. Chicken, Bacon and Asparagus
  5. Steak and Kidney

Pie as a dessert however is a horrible foreign abomination (with the exception of Mince Pies) and should not even be contemplated. The same goes for square pies, pies should be round, I remember going on a family holiday to Cornwall where the pies from the local fish and chip shop were square, it doesn’t change the taste, but it is still wrong.


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