Doctor Who? The Third Doctor

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At the Beginning of the Seventh series we were introduced to a new Doctor veteran actor Jon Pertwee, who took over the role from Patrick Troughton.

The Third Doctor 

The Third Doctor

Again we could see that The Third Doctor was a different man altogether, where the Second Doctor was sort of a cosmic hobo of small stature, The Third Doctor was a tall chap with a keen eye for elegant flowing fashion, favouring frilled cuffs and jabots, velvet suits and bows and some pretty awesome silk lined travel cloaks. Trapped on earth this Doctor was determined to stand out from everyone else.  This Doctor had a flare for gadgets and technology, often tinkering with bits from the Tardis in an attempt to break his exile, as a means to gain the materials and resources he needs The Doctor allies himself with the United Nations Intelligence Task Force (U.N.I.T) a military force set up as a counter measure for alien incursions led by the Doctor’s old friend Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart.

In his early days as the Doctor we are introduced to new companion Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Shaw (On secondment to U.N.I.T from Cambridge) as the Doctor aids U.N.I.T against monsters such as The Auton’s and The Silurians as well as seeing our first glimpses of any parallel earths.  After Liz Shaw returns to her studies at Cambridge, the Doctor is introduced to his new lab assistant Jo Grant, and we meet the Doctor’s oldest friend and deadliest enemy the Master, a rogue Time Lord obsessed with becoming the master of all creation, he plagues the Doctor and U.N.I.T throught all of the ninth series and much of the tenth. As well as facing the such creatures as the Sea Devils and striking an uneasy alliance with the Ice Warriors of Mars. The Doctor then meets his gravest challenge yet, a legend from Time Lord history that endangers all of creation and only the Doctor can save himself. This marks the first (possibly third if you follow time travel theory) that the Doctor has met his other incarnations. After defeating this crisis the Doctor is granted his freedom, but returns to earth after battling the Daleks and Master Once more. After Jo Grant leaves the Doctor to marry he is joined in his adventures by reporter Sarah Jane Smith.

With Miss Smith by his side, the Doctor fights his way through The Sontarans, The Daleks, Dinosaurs in London before finally coming to the end of this life fighting against the Giant Spiders of Metebelis Three. He regenerates right before the eyes of The Brigadier and Sarah Jane Smith.

Jon Pertwee stared in 128 episodes as the Doctor between January 1970 and June 1974 with 24 serials in total. Pertwee saw the show through its first major milestone (10 years) but also saw its biggest changes since its inception, being set primarily on earth rather than space was one major change, but also moving from black and white into colour. We also saw the Doctor’s primary mode of transport shift from Tardis to car, The Doctor made use of a canary yellow roadster named Bessie (bearing the licence plate Who 1) and then later the Whomobile a hovercraft that could also fly (come on its 2017 where’s my flying car)

Bessie The Doctor’s Car
The Whomobile


Stand Out Serials 

  1. The Terror Of The Autons: Introducing companion Jo Grant and the Master, this time using the Auton’s to pursue his own dastardly ends. The Master offers a glimpse into the Doctors world, and asks how the perfect race of Time Lords can produce such an evil psychopath.
  2. The Three Doctors: The first time we see the Doctor interacting with his past selves, its nice to see that the internal conflicts between who we were and who we are given voice, and it is something that I can relate to. There is definite disdain shown from the younger Doctor for who he becomes, whilst the older Doctor can’t help but show condescension for his younger self.
  3. The Dæmons: I like stories about people messing with the occult in order to gain power, so when the Master, posing as a priest, starts messing with extra dimensional demons to further his own ambitions of power, you get a story that it one of the all time Doctor Who greats.

Dishonourable Mention

  1. Reversing The Polarity Of The Neutron Flow: A catchphrase used during the Third Doctor’s era was “reverse the polarity of the neutron flow”. The phrase was Pertwee’s way of dealing with the technobabble that he was required to speak as the Doctor. Terrance Dicks (series scriptwriter) recalls that he had used the line in a script, and Pertwee approached him about the line. Dicks had feared that he would have to remove it, but Pertwee stated that he liked it, and wanted to see it more often. It got to the point where variations of the phrase were used throughout the rest of Pertwee’s tenure and beyond.

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