Stand Up And Be Counted

If you haven’t already registered to vote, you have until 11:59 on the 22nd of May to do so. Think of all those chartists and suffragettes who sacrificed their lives and freedoms so that all men and women could vote. To say that all politicians are the same is childish and shows very little understanding of the issues. To say I won’t vote because all politicians are corrupt (aside from being personally insulting) is an asinine argument because that is the purpose of an election, to root out the corrupt and the incompetent. To say your vote doesn’t matter is to sell yourself short, I know councillors with a majority of one vote and Members of Parliament with a majority of 16, your vote can make a difference. So this is why I urge you, please register to take part and vote, your vote helps decide how this country is run, so please fill that form, tick that box and be counted.


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