The History Of My Beard

The Man Down My Local (32).png

This week I have been listening to an amazing band, called The Beards  they are an Australian rock band who sing exclusively about beards (the facial hair kind, not the Taylor Swift kind).

They sing of the power of beards and of personal struggles faced by men (and women) with beards, but most of all they teach you to be proud of you facial follicles and revel in your beardy manliness. So here is the story of my beard.

My beard began its life in the winter of 2010. until this point I had always been a clean shaven killer of beards. It started following a break up with a young lady, I took the following year to discover many things about myself, and one of the things I discovered pretty early on, is that I can rock a pretty awesome goatee.  It was this beard that led me to become comfortable with my looks, it covered the cleft pallet scar under my nose as well as the acne scars left as the last laugh of puberty and drew attention away from my double chin.

The Goatee

It wasn’t long before me beard style changed though, I added a moustache and the two combined to form a pretty awesome Van-Dyke that served me well for half a decade.

The Van Dyke

For the late last year I decided to change things up a little bit, taking my trusted beard trimmer, I severed the ties of moustache and beard, and wound up with a Balbo , which is a combination beard and moustache, but the two do not meet.

The Balbo

And that ladies and gentlemen is the story of my beard.

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