Have you ever really thought about nothing? I don’t mean thinking about no particular thing at any one moment, what  I actually mean is thinking about nothing, that whole concept of nothingness, nothingness as almost a tangible entity, a tangible thought. Nothingness that you can almost fathom the very idea of?

At about 2 AM this morning I was trying to sleep, and I couldn’t, I had a thousand thoughts whirring through my mind, and then it hit me, think of nothing, switch off all thought and just sleep. But of course thinking of nothing gets tricky, because what is nothing? is it the number zero, is it a field of blackness or a screen of white? Is it an empty box? What is nothing? After a small amount of time you realise that you can’t actually comprehend what nothing is. You start to picture it in your head, but its only an absence of things, you picture a scene and then subtract objects from it, but it still isn’t nothing. Even if you picture a scene of pure black, it still isn’t nothingness, it is simply the closest we could imagine, I think if we were to actually experience nothing we would go mad.

After contemplating this for hours, the sun was beginning to rise by the time I finally dropped off, but it was nagging at me, this feeling of not knowing, of now knowing that there was something I would never be able to experience, but being aware enough to know that this, almost reverse existentialism, may often rack my thoughts again in the future, and that there is nothing (for lack of a better term) that I could begin to do to change the outcome of these thoughts.


One thought on “Nothing

  1. I can relate with what you’re saying.. nothingness intrigues me . It is almost what we experience during mindfulness . It helps us to slowly get rid of all the thoughts that invade our minds . Nothingness is the eternal present moment . Emptiness. Peace. Almost as if it was the personification of God.


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