Terror And Other Ism’s

Yesterday say yet another terrorist attack in the United Kingdom which has left seven dead and many more injured. So dispensing with the thoughts and prayers for the victims friends and families I will say this.

The greatest threat of a terrorists incident is the explosion of stupidity that it provokes. I have already seen people rushing to lay blame, at the feet of Muslim’s, at the feet of the government, even at the feet of the Mayor of London. I’ve seen people blaming a lack of guns and blaming each other.

You know who is really to blame? The cowardly shits that target the innocent to spread fear in order to promote their “cause”. To say that this is done in the name of Islam is pure bollocks, no religion (not even the tenants of devil worship) call for the mass slaughter of innocents, and anyone claiming this is because of religion knows nothing about the true meaning of faith. Islam and the teachings of Mohammed are teachings of love and tolerance, and yes they do say that these teachings should be shared and spread, and I certainly don’t see why they shouldn’t as these are good messages that deserve to be spread, and anyone that tries to use fear and terror to spread any message is no man of faith and deserves everything they get.


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